My First Puzzle Book : Disney Cars 3
My First Puzzle Book : Disney Cars 3
Come along for a ride in this Cars 3 My First Puzzle Book! Join Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez, Smokey and Miss Fritter in this whole new world of racing. This brightly illustrated durable board book includes 5 puzzles accompanied by playful descriptions, which are sure to keep children ages 3 and up entertained. Kids will have tons of fun putting the Puzzles together alongside the pictures in the book as they read about the new cast of vehicles! Each puzzle is made up of 12 sturdy pieces that are the perfect size for little hands. The backs of all the puzzle pieces are color-coded so sorting couldn't be easier! Grab a seat and get ready for an exciting ride!
Publisher: Phidal
Categories: Favourite Characters, Phidal Collection : My First Puzzle
Barcode: 9782764334003